Authorized MAULE AIRCRAFT Distributor and Service Station Germany Austria, Belgium Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France,  Holland,    Luxembourg, Poland, Siwtzerland

Technische Daten
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Range of power:    230,  260 and 300 hp        

Fuel:  Jet A 1        

Capacity:  5 liters        

° 4 Cylinders                                                                    

° 4 Stoke                                                    

° Air and oil cooled                                               

° Singele lever control

° Integrated engine monitoring

Weigth fully equipped:   211 kg

Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt, Zeppelinring, D33142 Büren-Ahden, Germany

phone: ++49-2955-749018       fax:     ++49-2955-749020    mobile:     0172-5210155

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