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 There is no better plane built according to  FAR part 23 which offers so much options as a Maule Aircraft with such performance datas.


Offerd in more than 20 varieties and options e.g.

different Propeller- and engine versions e.g. 160-hp, 180hp, 230-hp, ub to the Allison Turbine


Taildragger and Tri-cycle


Standart-VFR or fully IFR equipped.


Stallspeed at 40 mph, Full Flaps  and a cruising speed between 110 mph and 190 mph depending on engine and propeller.


Excellent for towing and  education.


Excellent Landing gear and excellent on short strips.


Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt, Zeppelinring, D33142 Büren-Ahden, Germany

phone: ++49-2955-749018       fax:     ++49-2955-749020    mobile:     0172-5210155

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