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- (Erfahrungen von Flugschule mit Maules)

....Maule didn't market tricycle undercarriages (which nearly all schools prefer) until a couple of years ago.  The only fleet we could find was at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. (The civil Air Patrol ordered 15 Maule just last year, so its experience is limited). The university has six Maule MXT-7 Comets, five of them 160 hp and one 180 hp. Dr Jerry L.Robinson, director of the department of aviation, said, "They're tough planes, easily repaired and with practically no ADs.....For a while parts delivery was slow but now it's competitive....."We bought our Maules two years ago and fly each almost 1000 hours annually. They're tough as a boot, not a sleek, snazzy Madison Avenue type, but more a back-country plane. We can carry full fuel and three people, while the 180hp model will carry 4. They're more demanding to fly well than a Cessna 152 or 172, which we used to operate. Training aircrafts should require work to fly well. The Maule makes you put your feet on the rudders. It will embarrass you if you don't use your rudder, but it doesn't have a treacherous bone in its body. We think it produces excellent pilots....    mehr Infos Henderson Flight  



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